Why You Need the Right Hotel Management Software

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List of hotel property management systems

Why do you need the right hotel front desk software systems? Read on for four crucial things to consider:

  1. Giving customers a good experience is essential. A Harris Interactive/RightNow poll found that in 2011 a whopping 86% of consumers stopped dealing with a business because they had a bad customer experience. CEB research shows that 96% of customers who expend what they considered to be “high” effort to deal with a problem with a company were likely to be disloyal. And estimates suggest that if a business could build loyalty with just 5% more consumers, this generally leads to average profits of 25% to 100% per customer. Having excellent hospitality management software is crucial to a good customer experience. Hotel front desk software is fast become a non-negotiable, as more and more customers will simply turn away if a property doesn’t let them at least make a reservation online.
  2. Providing a good mobile and web experience is essential. Hotel front desk software lets you integrate a lot of management systems, and many provide excellent mobile platforms. That’s important because 53% of customers are now using their mobile devices when they get information related to travel, and mobile searches have gone up by 50% in recent years. Yet an excellent website is still important, as 46% of those who do mobile research make their decision on the mobile device but move to another device to make the actual booking. The average person makes 17 research sessions online before they actually book, and with the right hotel management systems, you can grab them every time.
  3. Selling your brand, responding to customers, and keeping up with profiles is essential. Almost 75% of people plan to come back to a place they’ve visited, so they need to have a great experience while they’re with you. That gets them talking and posting pictures, and that’s really important. In addition to considering price and location, the average BandB traveler, for example, considers a lot of other factors related to your social presence and response. A full 50% look at consumer reviews and take them seriously. Nearly that many, 47%, say that photos are key to making their choice. The recommendation of friends will sell it to 46%, while 43% say that flexible cancellation and the ability book online are key for them. Hotel front desk software lets you manage a lot more of your online presence in these areas.

If you have a property and want to provide excellent customer service to keep people coming back, while at the same time making cancellations and no-shows easier and more intuitive for you to deal with, you need a good hotel management software.

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