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Free twitter tips

Are there right ways and wrong ways to Tweet? According to Twitter experts, the answer is yes. By following a set of free Twitter tips, you will be in the know. These free twitter secrets are not really secrets because nothing is a secret once it is on the Internet. However, since not everyone knows, or cares, about proper Tweeting, the art of sending 160 character or less posts across the Web, a list of free Twitter tips will give you something to Tweet about. It is okay to skip some Tweets. You don’t have to see EVERYTHING. Remember, there is an actual outside world happening. Put down your phone and see some of it. Pay some homage to to those who follow you. Genesis sang it best when they said, follow you and you follow me. Lose the spammers and other Tweeters who are out to ruin your good time. If you are a business, the following free Twitter tips are for you. If you want people to see you, avoid spamming. You can do it, but you will get unfollowed fast. Seek those who need your service or products, because that’s advertising. Don’t pat yourself on the back. When you retweet what someone has said about you, you are just looking for attention. If someone’s nice complement is on you Twitter profile, that’s good enough. When you have multiple Twitter accounts for every aspect of your business, it makes it too hard for you to manage and for others to follow. Businesses can very much benefit through the use of Twitter. Some Twitter tips for businesses include using the business’ logo or brand as a profile picture. Be sure to make the logo cropped nicely and centered so that it looks as professional as your business is. Another tip is to avoid following hundreds of other Twitter users in the hopes of gaining more followers. This will only make it appear that you don’t have many followers, but are really eager to follow others. Keep your followers and those whom you follow at a near ratio and all will appear better for business. And remember, this is just a list of free Twitter tips that are meant to be suggestions. Everyone who Tweets does it in their own way.

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