There Will Be Six Billion Internet Users By 2022 Preparing Your Business With Endpoint Security Solutions

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Cybersecurity can seem unfathomable at times.

With Internet data only growing bigger by the day and recent estimates suggesting hundreds of new viruses created on the hour, using proper cybersecurity solutions can seem like a shot in the dark at best. This is where cybersecurity companies come in. Comprised of skilled technicians familiar with the stress security measures put on businesses today, they’re the proverbial barrier you need between malicious third parties and your success. They can save you money, provide you peace-of-mind and, most importantly, protect your data.

All businesses need endpoint security solutions. Here’s what to expect.

The Growth Of Cyber Crime

With every up there’s a down. While the growth of digital technology is a massive boon in our everyday lives, the development of cyber crime has only grown with it. Cyber crime damages are expected to rise to $6 trillion every year by the time 2021 arrives. A single security breach can put your entire business at risk, compromising your employees’ passwords, private information and even finances. Endpoint security solutions are designed to make sure you never have to worry about malicious third-parties putting your hard work at risk.

The Internet Of Things

A term you need to be familiar with when seeking out endpoint security solutions is IoT, or the ‘Internet Of Things’. This is used to refer to electronic devices that are connected to the Internet, which include phones, iPads, tablets, home computers and business security systems. Back in 2015 there were over 15 billion Internet-connected devices. According to data provided by the IHS Markit this number will double to 30 billion by 2020, then more than double to 75 billion by 2025.

Rise Of Data Theft

Businesses large and small are always at the risk of data breaches. In fact, it’s estimated over half of all small businesses will have vital information stolen within the first year. According to a recent survey by Gemalto over two billion records were stolen in just the first half of 2017. The year before that saw the number of ransomware attacks increasing by 300%, with over 4,000 attacks detected per day thanks to ongoing information by the FBI. It’s not hard to see why even a minor lapse in security can compromise an entire structure.

Development Of Security Jobs

Fortunately for you and your brand, endpoint security solutions have also increased significantly. Demand is strong, with over 205,000 cybersecurity jobs in the United States still unfilled, but this gap is expected to close as more businesses and individuals alike become aware of the benefits of cyber security infrastructure. Cybersecurity Ventures recently released a prediction there will be six billion Internet users by the time 2022 arrives. That’s over 70% of the projected world population of eight billion. How can remote network access solutions keep you ahead of the tide?

The Benefits Of Endpoint Security Solutions

It’s not enough to download an antivirus program and consider it done. There are people out there who feel no inhibition about stealing your sensitive data and using it for their own purposes. With more devices connected to the Internet than ever and Internet users growing exponentially month after month, your network access protection needs to be buffed out now. In 2016 global spending on the Internet Of things across all markets was $735 billion and the International Data Corporation has predicted this will exceed $1 trillion by 2020.

Cybersecurity may be vast, but you have options. Reach out to network access protection services and ask them what you can do to prepare for the future.

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