The Many Uses of Mica Spreads Across Centuries

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There have been many advances to technology that we use for day to day tasks. Common functions of everyday technology include simple things like air ventilation, heating systems, electrical insulation, and millions of other minute tasks that, even though we may not consciously think about them, have come leaps and bounds from the ways we used to accomplish these things 50 years ago. The concepts are the same but the growing knowledge and research in all areas of life have brought forth new ways to improve the way we use certain technologies. One of these technologies exist as mica sheets.

Mica sheets are most commonly used in electrical insulation applications but have a wide array of uses from the past to today. In the early 20th century, mica sheets were used in the windows and peepholes of stoves, lanterns, and boilers because of its ability to withstand higher temperatures than glass. Today, mica sheets are typically converted to mica sheets splittings to be used in electrical insulation applications. For more information on mica sheets, contact a fiberglass supply, a NOMEX supplier or trusted electrical insulation suppliers near you.

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