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It’s a weird world we live in. We often think of it as fixed or standard when really it’s mutable and always changing. It’s always the little things too. It’s never quite the big things that we think that change how culture works. Take surge protectors for instance. We only them at all because someone saw a small problem in the infrastructure of our culture and took steps to fix it. The same could be said of everything from the zipcord fiber optic cable to the siamese cable to power lightning cables to cat 6 cables bulk to cars to levees that protect us from floods. But sometimes it’s not even fixed physical things that change how we see the world. Sometimes it’s things that are much more abstract and strange and hard to grasp. The relationships between the abstract and the physical is mutable as well and it’s much tighter than you might think. We don’t often think of something as simple as usb cables or cat 6 cables bulk as something that is going to change the way we see the world but then it does or they do and we’re left to wonder how everything changed so fast. But all of these ideas, even in explanation form, are a bit hard to grasp. Without examples, they can go by without even a shred of understanding soaking into our brains.

    How the world used to be
    Unlike older innovations such as electric lighting or indoor plumbing, many of us old timers can remember a time before the widespread use of the internet. It’s hard for younger people to imagine but there was a time before information reached us so fast. So what was it like back then? Before cat 6 cables bulk and social media and news outlets giving us constant information? Well, the world was different in a couple deep and interlocking ways. First of all, you had to do more with far less information. You only knew what was happening in the world from what you read or saw on the television. There are even people alive, though your humble writer is not one of them, who remember what it was like before luxuries such as television. Even with television, however, and the rise of mass media, the flow of information was a trickle or, at absolute most, a stream. It certainly wasn’t what it became.
    How the world and information works now
    So, with all the cat 6 cables bulk and ethernet cables and all the wires of our new, interconnected world, how do we see things now? Might seem like an obvious question with obvious answers but not really. Not actually. Because there are several ways the world is different now that you might not see. For one, we constantly plagued by new and often times disturbing information. Information, I add, that we have absolutely no use for. It is all well and good to worry about people suffering in other countries but we only have so much ability to do anything about it. Empathy is beautiful but not when it creates a fugue of anxiety about problems that are impossible for one person to solve. We also receive this information much much faster than in any time in history. We expect it to be faster as well. Now that the world has sped up, there is no chance of it slowing down. It will continue to go, so long as there is still an internet to carry all of it.
    How this changes us
    The rise of high speed internet, cat 6 cables bulk and the wired and wireless world has changed forever our relationship to information. It has changed how process, store and qualify information as well as the speed at which we see the world and the amount of the world we want to see. This might sound like a bad thing but it really isn’t. Not with the way the world is now. Our demand for freer and more flowing information is a good thing and the wires and wireless networks of our entire world will help us.

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