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Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important tool in today’s marketing world. And while there are very many important SEO tasks that can help a company reach its success, not all company’s have the staffing to handle all of these on their own. For this reason a number of companies, no matter what their size, make the economical decision to hire an offsite SEO company to make sure that they get all of the services that they need.

From daily organic posts on a company’s social media accounts to making sure that digital images are of the best quality, it is important to make sure all of the needed SEO tasks are completed on time and in a professional manner.
Three Reasons Why an Offsite SEO Companies Are Often the Best Solution

There are many companies who initially think that they can handle all of the necessary SEO tasks themselves, but the reality is that this task is often too big. Just as companies three decades ago would not have thought that they could handle every marketing and advertising challenge that came along, so too should today’s companies realize their limitations. Consider these three reasons why it is important to consider an offsite SEO:

Organic Content The biggest challenge of creating strong SEO content is the creation of organic content. And while some companies may initially see this as an achievable task, the fact of the matter is that it is very challenging. By contracting with an offsite SEO company, however, you have access to a team of writers who can approach the organic content that you need from a variety of angles. When someone in your company is writing the content that you need, the temptation may be to rehash the same stories and the same topics. An offsite SEO team, however, can make sure that they use a staff of writers, each with their own perspective, to make sure that a topic is covered from a variety of unique angles. The fact that 70% of the links search users click on are organic is just one indicator of how important this content is.

Website Maintenance Few things are more damaging to a company than an ineffective or slow website. Working with an offsite SEO can help make sure that your website is always running as effectively as possible. Customers do not have patience to wait for a slow loading page. In addition, websites need to be able to adjust from one platform to another, which means that a website needs to look as good on a cellphone as it does on a laptop or a tablet. Making sure that all of these things happen can be the job of an offsite SEO team, rather than a company’s own employees.

Staffing Concerns The biggest problem with trying to take care of all of your SEO needs in house is that most companies simply do not have the right staff to achieve this. A church, for instance, that thinks that the office secretary can maintain the website may be disappointed. Most people have plenty to do to fulfill their own job requirements. Simply thinking that you can add website management or creating organic content to someone who is already busy is a set up for disaster. Google receives as many as 100 billion searches every month, and the search algorithms are frequently changes. Expecting current staff members to maintain SEO tasks is not a great plan.

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