Outplacement Companies Can Help With Hiring and Firing

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    Millennials are known as job hoppers, with six in 10 open to considering a new job at any given time, according to a Gallup poll. Because of that, you might find yourself replacing workers in your business more than you have in the past. You also might find yourself needing to do a restructuring due to business reasons. Whatever the case, it can make things easier if you work with a job placement agency.

    A job placement or outplacement company can help you find the right kind of worker when you have an opening. An outplacement consulting firm will do all the recruiting work for you, finding you qualified candidates from which you can pick for your open position. Using an outplacement company to do your recruiting for you will cost you, but it can be worth it if you don’t have to spend the time yourself on finding a candidate.

    Use of an outplacement firm during a restructuring event also can be a good idea. If you have to let employees go because of business conditions, hooking them up with an outplacement company can give them a soft landing by helping them find a job faster. This not only will foster goodwill with your company and provide good PR, it also can save you money. If your employees find jobs quickly and do not file for unemployment benefits, it will mean less of an increase in your unemployment insurance costs.

    Another way an outplacement company can help your business is by helping to find candidates who are diverse. If you are in an industry, such as technology, that is overwhelmingly white and male, it can be difficult to find applicants that are more diverse. Outplacement companies have the advantage of having wide recruiting networks from which to find potential candidates. Having a diverse workforce is not just something that looks good; it actually can affect performance. Research done by McKinsey shows that companies that are gender diverse outperform their peers by about 15% and those that are ethnically diverse outperform peer companies by about 35%.

    Whether you need to find employees or get rid of them, working with an outplacement company can be a good decision.

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