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Perhaps more than any other social media, Twitter, when combined with mobile technology, has brought the speed of online sharing to very nearly instantaneous speeds. But this revolution is not just relegated to breaking news and cat photos. The concept of social marketing is growing in popularity and usage. Here are just a few Twitter tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of this marketing game changer.

  • Keywords, If You Can. With the surge in search engine optimization as a major marketing strategy, it can make sense to try to incorporate search keywords into your tweets. This can sometimes be a challenge, given the 140 character limit, but can pay off huge in gaining visibility for your post. In fact, sometimes an awkward keyword might fit more easily into a tweet than into a blog post or article, given the accepted level of “grammatical wiggle room” in most Twitter posts. But whatever the keyword in question, always be sure to…
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  • Maintain Your Voice. Different voices convey different ideas. If the site you are marketing is mostly written in a dry, straightforward, informational voice, then a witty tweet full of emoticons will be inconsistent with the brand. Conversely, if the site is fun, hip, and edgy, then tweets full of “text speak” may be a perfect fit. The right voice can be one of your most effective Twitter marketing tools, so take a step back and evaluate the overall feel of the site or product you are marketing, and try to match that style in your tweets. And if even the concept of text speak has you scratching your head, never be afraid to…
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  • Ask Someone Younger Than You. You consult with outside sources all the time, on topics from SEO to distribution to payroll. Why not outsource your Twitter consulting as well? No one is more qualified to give you Twitter tips and tricks than your tech savvy nephew or the twenty something IT guy down the hall. And if your children are constantly focused on their smartphones, this could be a great way to bond with them AND get some valuable research done at the same time.

What are some of YOUR favorite Twitter tips and tricks for social marketing, customer interaction, and lead generation? Drop us a line in the comments below, and feel free to use as many characters as you want.

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