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Since making its debut in 2006, Twitter has grown to be quite a giant in the world of social networking. With hundreds of millions of visitors each month, the site has become a mecca of promotion for businesses, bloggers and people with something to say. Despite its relative simplicity, some people may find the social giant to be a bit intimidating. Thankfully, there are plenty of free Twitter tips out there for everyone.

Instead of finding ways to attract a ton of attention, some people may seek out free Twitter secrets that will help them maintain something of a low profile. A lot of people join Twitter in order to follow their favorite celebrities, podcasts, TV shows and news channels, and have no interested in amassing a lot of followers of their own.

One reason certain people may wish to maintain a lower profile is because of the backlash that Twitter has given some people. Retweeting something controversial has landed people in trouble, and in some cases even cost them their jobs. One of the best Twitter tips for those that want to keep track of things without drawing too much attention is “favoriting.” This trend was highlighted in a July 25 article from The Wall Street Journal.

Clicking the yellow star to favorite a tweet is much more discreet. It allows users to quietly give a nod of approval to something they enjoy without having to announce it to the world with a retweet that will go out to everyone that follows them.

Twitter tips similar to this one could be the perfect thing for anyone that wants to find the most popular people on Twitter to follow. Entire websites, such as Favstar, are dedicated to showing the tweets with the most favorites across several different categories. Browsing through websites like these could help people find the best people to follow according to their interests.

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