Looking At How We Can Improve Overall Job Retention Rates In The United States

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Finding a job is on the mind of just about every soon to be or recent college graduate. Finding a job can be difficult, but the right job can secure you not only financially, but with everything from health insurance to dental insurance as well. For those who have children or spouses that don’t work, the need for a good job is only compounded, as up to two thirds of all people rely on their places of work to provide them with the insurance plans that they need.

So why, then, is just retention such a problem, as any and all executive search consultant services or human resource executive search firms can attest to? Why have Millennials become known as the job hopping generation, with up to sixty percent of all Millennials ready to accept a new and better job at any moment’s notice? Why, by the time that the end of the June of 2015 had rolled around, had more than two and a half million workers decided to voluntarily leave their jobs, jumping up in job loss rates by more than twenty five percent?

The answer is a complex one, but it boils down to the culture of the common work place here in the United States, something that can be discussed at length with your hired executive search consultant services and job placement agency or outplacement company. All too often, employees in all positions and in many different types of work places simply feel that they are woefully under supported. In fact, only around twenty percent of all employees the country over have reported, when asked, that they feel that they are being adequately encourage by their superiors to do their best work.

And when there is no incentive to perform to the best of your ability, many people simply will not, choosing to expend their valuable time and energy into other facets of their lives. And many people will also choose to stay on the look out for other jobs, in the hopes that they will not only be better compensated in a new job, but that they will find a new place of work that lifts them up and makes life on the job just a little bit more enjoyable. With the working world a cutthroat place nowadays, with everyone vying for similar resources, this is not always the easiest of things to find – if it can be found at all, that is.

But there are ways in which that companies and other such places of business can adjust the overall culture of their work place and thereby improve the overall rates of employee retention that they see throughout the company. Utilizing employee recognition programs, for instance, has proven to be widely and wildly successful, with more than eighty five percent of all companies who have put such a thing into place reporting that it has had a hugely positive impact on employee satisfaction and overall engagement.

Of course, finding the right people for job openings in the first place is also key, and can be more difficult than one might think. Fortunately, utilizing executive search consultant services or human resources executive recruiters can be hugely helpful in this process, as such executive search consultant services can provide only candidates that would be a potentially good fir for the job that is being offered. Such executive search consultant services will do a preliminary screening of potential candidates and through this screening done by executive search consultant services, you will be able to eliminate a number of people already.

Such executive search consultant services will also be able to help you to meet any diversity initiatives that might be in place – and this will end up being a tremendously positive thing. After all, workplaces that include gender diversity as a core value often outperform other companies and workplaces by as much as fifteen percent – and workplaces with ethnic diversity are often able to do so by as much as thirty five percent, a considerable percentage, to say the least.

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