Is the Local Pharmacy Killing Its Customers?

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Within approximately the next decade an estimated twenty percent of the population will be over the age of 65. This is the “Baby Boomer” generation, and makes up the majority of prescription medication users. How will those in that demographic know if their medications are dispensed accurately? They need to trust their pharmacists, and believe that they are properly processing their doctors’ prescriptions, but the inaccuracies of human error can cause medical complications and possibly even premature death. What can be done to prevent this?

The answer lies within consumer loyalty to local pharmacies that use a retail pharmacy point of sale system, or pos system. By utilizing this software, independent pharmacies are able to maintain accurate customer records, increasing their ability to refill prescriptions easily and quickly thereby not only make the transaction process easily for the patient and the pharmacy staff, but also reducing readmissions to hospitals and emergency rooms. The independent pharmacy software will allow the customer to establish an ongoing account with his local pharmacy, enabling electronic signature capturing used for comparison, and electronic credit card swiping, both of which are features that enable a speedy transaction. The pos system will keep accurate and accessible information and data concerning the transaction, also increasing efficiency at the cash register.

Statistically, the elderly spend nearly $10 billion yearly on their prescribed medications. A quarter of those take more than eight different medications. The accurate ringing up of these prescriptions will lead to customer loyalty. Accuracy and ease of use will lead to repeat business. If the local and independent pharmacy will utilize a pharmacy point of sale system, it will also be able to implement customer loyalty programs, coupons and gift cards, and shoppers’ points schemes, also increasing repeat business.

Yet another benefit of the use of a pharmacy point of sale system is the ease of business management. The pos system will generate a detailed sales report, allowing the business to assess which drugs are selling well, which are not, and restock more efficiently, lowering overhead outlay to vendors.

Approximately ten percent of the prescription grade medication in the United States is estimated to be counterfeit, with the online pharmaceutical industry contributing greatly to the use of illegal or impotent drugs. The independent pharmacy, located either within the hospital itself or within the local community, can, through the use of a pharmacy point of sale system, greatly reduce the instance of counterfeit drug use within the population. In addition, the use of the pos system will enable the dispensing of outpatient or discharge prescriptions in such a way that patients will fully understand the use of their medications, increasing their adherence to medical instruction. In a recent study of hospital and emergency room visits, medical staff and pharmacies ordered and/or provided nearly 2.75 million prescriptions in one year. These orders would maintain a much higher degree of accuracy with the use a pharmacy point of sale system.

In summary, the use of pharmacy pos software will increase the effectiveness of the independent pharmacy. Customers will be encouraged to buy locally which in turn brings an increase in jobs within the community, causes a rise in the local standard of living, and generally supports the community as a whole.

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