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Contacting the Human Resources department at the company you hope to be hired by can be daunting. That’s why many top tier candidates seek out a professional job placement agency to help them navigate the hiring process. Even experienced executives can feel nervous when making a big career change. While no one but the hiring team can guarantee you’ll be hired, there are a few key points that will make an applicant more competitive.

What Are the Clear Benefits of Utilizing a Professional Job Placement Agency Instead of Working Alone?

There are a few benefits to hiring an agency to help you find the right job, specifically saving you time, frustration, offering connections, and advice. When a person looks for a new position on their own, they rely entirely upon their own previous experiences and what they predict the hiring team is looking for. This method works for many people. But there is another way.

Time: How Long Does It Take to Have a New Job?

The big question hanging over job-seeker’s heads is this: when will I find my new job? The well-known job website claims that it could easily take three months for the average person to find a new job at a salary similar to their last one. That’s a conservative estimate by hiring manager’s standards. For many job seekers, that timeline is very disheartening. The explanation is simple. Time passes slowly for the person waiting for a response, but time is flying by for the person or team receiving dozens of responses each day. This leads us to our next point.

Frustration: Doesn’t Anyone Want My Skills?

In the process of searching and applying and waiting for a response, it is important to remember that the wait doesn’t have anything to do with you necessarily. There are some companies that simply do not notify candidates when their application was received and then rejected. This ignorance of the final result is frustrating. However, there are many companies that simply need plenty of time to sort through resumes, contact the most promising candidates, arrange interviews, arrange company debriefs, etc. So when it feels hopeless that you’ll ever hear anything back, remember that the company looking for a good candidate has a huge stack of paperwork to go through first.

Connections: It’s Not Simply Who You Know, But Also Who They Know.

Networking is said to be key in growing any business. Connections may not always have a clear benefit when they are first formed, however in time their worth becomes apparent. A professional job placement agency has made more connections to people at every stage in their career. When looking for a new job, many candidates will let their friends and family know they are looking around. The purpose is to encourage those friends and family to provide assistance in the job search to some degree by helping them connect with the right people.

Finding a new job is exhilarating at first. After about three weeks the search is less thrilling, and more draining than before. After about three months of searching, many people are wondering how long the process will take, and if it is taking so long because they are doing something wrong. It would be terrible to spend more time looking for a job than necessary due to an error in one’s presentation. That is why many job candidates choose to bring on a professional job placement agency, to have someone offer advice when the process becomes long and lonely.

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