Hotel Properties Offer a Number of Rewards for Being a Loyal Customer

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Many travelers search out the best deals when it comes time to book a place to stay. In the hotel industry, however, properties hope to build client loyalty. By offering excellent customer service and various rewards, including technology in hotel rooms, hotel chains want to make sure their best customers only look one place, whether they are traveling for work or for leisure.

In addition to creating client loyalty, the best hotels also want to build employee loyalty. In fact, the latest hotel trends involve property management systems that provide easy ways for managers to communicate with workers, sharing with them the latest staff goals, as well as an positive comments that visitors share. Happy and committed employees are a significant resource to any hotel. From taking pride in their work to make sure that every room is perfectly prepared, to making sure that every employee makes every guest feel welcome, committed employees stay with their jobs longer. Longer tenured staff means that a hotel can avoid the extra costs of having to constantly replace staff. These top staff members also provide some of the best customer service, encouraging guests to return again and again.

Client Loyalty Is Especially Important in the Hotel Industry

Research indicates that travelers conduct as many as 17 research sessions before booking, often in an effort to find the best price. Clients who are loyal to one particular hotel chain, however, do not have to bother with these internet sessions, they merely need to find the location of the closest hotel of their favorite chain. Gathering reward points every time that they make a booking, there are many benefits to remaining loyal to a particular chain. From free nights to upgrades to suites to free cooked breakfasts, a number of frequent travelers make sure that they are making the most of every trip that they need to make.

In a digital age where there are more and more opportunities for customers to voice their opinions, it should come as no surprise that top hotel management staffs are trying to offer the best customer service. Not only to create a great stay, but as an encouragement to write a positive online review, hotels want to make sure that all of their guests leave with nothing but positive comments. Did you know, for instance, that even one negative review can cause a loss of business? In fact, 86% of consumers quit doing business with a company in the year 2011 because of a single bad customer experience.

Building loyalty with a mere 5% more customers can lead to an increased average profit between 25% and 100% per customer, so it is imperative that every person who walks into a hotel lobby has a great experience.

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