Five Useful Twitter Tips for Businesses Looking to Grow

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While many dismiss Twitter as a fad, a fluke of marketing that will soon disappear into the annals of history, the fact is the social media giant, home to more than 500 million active users, according to Statistic Brain, is an incredibly important tool for any business looking to grow its web presence. As BusinessWeek writes, gaining Twitter popularity can lead directly to increased sales, business partnerships, and better brand recognition. Of course, tweeting won’t do you any good if you’re doing it wrong. Here are five Twitter tips for businesses looking to leverage their social media presence into business profits.

  • Be Yourself
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    According to, the most important thing you can do for your business is to define your brand and stick to it. Not every tweet needs to be a witty one liner, but likewise, not every tweet needs to be the politically correct stuffy content that businesses are too well known for. The whole point of social media is to be social. Be yourself, your true, human self, and watch as your followers steadily rise.

  • Promote Others’ Content
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    Would you be surprised to know that promoting others’ content can actually increase your followers and your own brand’s notoriety? As LifeHacker writes, one of the most important Twitter tips for business is to promote others more than you promote yourself. Why? Well, nobody likes a braggart. More importantly, however, promoting others’ content shows that you are interested in moving your industry forward. In short, it shows you are a source for all things interesting in your field.

  • Offer Entertainment and Service
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    At the end of the day, you’re running a business account on a social media platform. Yes, you want to get your message and product out there. After all, as Forbes writes, one of the most important things every piece of web content needs to offer is value. However, never underestimate the value of hilarious one liners or witty tweets. As you’ll learn, learning how to crack a great joke in balance with providing business promoting information are equally important Twitter tips for business.

  • Not Everybody Needs a Reply, but…
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    As Sprout Social writes, not every shout out on Twitter warrants a response. Answering every detractor or fan can lead you to a point where you no longer have the time or energy to issue a reply. However, if you want to grow a loyal following, then you need to make an effort to answer a significant volume of the messages you receive. This will show that you care about your fans and, in the end, will improve your social media campaign.

  • Use Hashtags Properly
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    Perhaps the most famous, or infamous, thing about Twitter is hashtags. They are an extremely powerful tool for bookmarking and organizing content, and a crucial way of having your posts found on the platform. However, what you never want is a tweet that reads like this: “#Man #hashtags #can #get #realy #annoying.” As Forbes writes, research which hashtags are important for your market and never include more than two per post. Otherwise, you risk getting lost in the white noise and losing followers. After all, hashtags get really annoying, really fast.

Learning how to use Twitter can make a huge difference in your web marketing campaign. Each of these five Twitter tips for business can put you on a path to greater social media success. If something isn’t working, your follower count will let you know. Just remember to adjust your strategy as you go.

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