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Did you know that on June 25, 2009, the date of Michael Jackson’s death, there were 456 unique Tweets every second? At that time, less than 500 tweets per second set records. A study just months ago, in May 2013, reveals that the average number of tweets per second is now as high as 9,100. The jump, in just a few years, is incredible, and the figures make it more than clear. Twitter has marketers’ attention. How can marketers tap into Twitter’s resources to get more leads?

Post Tweets Again

With nearly 10,000 tweets per second, it is safe to say that Twitter users may miss a tweet here or there. One of the easiest Twitter tips is simply to simply to rehash important Tweets, or Tweets with especially valuable content. Marketing manager Janet Aronica recommends it, stating that it is also a great way to target different time zones. Changing Tweets and phrasing around a bit helps companies avoid coming across as “spammy.”

Engaging Consumers

Witty one liners will get you some attention, but jokes may not be enough to get everyone talking. Some of the most advanced Twitter tips are also the most simple. In a discussion of Twitter marketing tips, copywriter and marketing consultant Jim Lodico, recommends engaging Twitter audiences. How?

The good news is that you can be creative, and engage consumers in a lot of different ways. Need some examples? San Francisco Food Bank recently challenged its Twitter followers to spend $4.99, or less, on meals for one day. The food bank then asked followers to Tweet their experiences with the hashtag #hungerchallenge. Marketers can also engage audiences with giveaways and prizes. The official Game of Thrones TV series Twitter petitioned followers in September 2013, “In honor of breaking 1MM followers, tweet us your favorite #GoT moment with #GoT1Million and you may get a gift fit for a Khaleesi.” Hundreds responded to the tweet in just a few hours, and the hashtag was listed as one of the most popular, or “trending” topics.

Hilarious one liners may get you a few retweets. Generating the most leads, however, takes a few savvy Twitter marketing tips, like repeating tweets and encouraging direct conversations and engagement with followers.

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