How Often Do You Use Location Intelligence Software Apps?

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This weekend of Thanksgiving travel was one for the books. As thousands of flights were cancelled over the weekend after a serious winter storm hit much of the midwest, there were many drivers who were battling dangerous and slow moving highways and interstates. For people who had to get home for Monday work, for instance, there were drivers who were limited to a 20 mile an hour rate as the navigated routes through Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, and Oklahoma. In the midst of all of the families who were traveling back home, there were also college students who were attempting to return to campus. For those anxious parents who were waiting back home while those college students were driving, the use of location intelligence solutions serves as a great resource.
With the use of geospatial analysis software and other kinds of spatial data platforms, it is interesting to examine all of the ways that these technologies are

How Democraphic Tools Change Everything For Business

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Geospatial data analysis services

The world has changed for businesses and the marketing analytics services they reply on. One of the keys to business success in the digital age is taking advantage of demographic reporting tools like location intelligence software, geospatial analysis, and other services to get a good picture of who the market is and how to reach them.

Why is This a Possibility Now?

Satellites are making it all possible. There are always at least 24 active GPS satellites circling the Earth, and often more. These GPS satellites each go around the entire earth once every 12 hours, 12,500 miles above the Earth and moving at 7,000 miles per hour. GPS has truly come into its own; the

Staying Connected to Your Consumers Is Key to Today’s Digital Marketing

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What is location intelligence

Do you ever feel like you are being followed?
But in a good way?
With the latest advancements in geospatial analysis software it can seem at times like the retail stores, restaurants, and businesses that you like the most know your every move. Each time that you check in on social media, however, and request a search engine result you are alerting local merchants and retailers of your location. And while the spatial data analysis process can seem a little overwhelming at first, the fact of the matter is many consumers benefit from coupons and offers that they otherwise would not know about while they are traveling or shopping. The fact that you are texted a 15% off coupon when yo

Expected Technological Career Growth Over the Next Decade

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Marketing analytics

Over time, the existence and type of careers change. Many years ago, for example, the country relied on farming and manufacturer jobs. The big thing was the automotive industry and factory workers were needed to keep up with vehicle demands. Today, the trend is technology and its counterparts. The world has already seen an increase in technological career positions. The number of technology and data analytic positions will only increase from here.

Demographic reporting positions

Many sources of technology and location intelligence are used for demographic reporting. Demographic reporting is necessary in many situations. It is helpful in determining statistical data about a city, state, or the country. It is also used for marketing purposes. When businesses decide to expand their marke