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Most people nowadays are taking full advantage of online websites when searching for a business or a service of any kind. As a matter of fact, statistics show that, of all searches for local information, 50% is done on a mobile device. The top two actions taken by people searching online are checking or sending emails, and performing searches for what they need.

Because it is estimated that 93% of every search performed online begins with one search engine or another, businesses, whether small or large, are wise to consult search engine optimization services for creative, innovative ideas for their websites. Content certainly is king, according to at least half of perspective clients who say that content is very effective when searching websites. There are a multitude of Continue Reading No Comments

3 Things Every Business’ Website Needs

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At this point, it seems like a no-brainer that every business should have a website. But that doesn’t just mean slapping up a web page with your business’ logo, contact information and calling it a day. Unfortunately, that’s not how the internet works. In many ways, a website is like a tree in the forest. And as the old adage goes, if no one is in the forest when the tree falls, does it even make a sound? Does it matter? Similarly, a website without certain key components might as well not even exist online, for it is lost in a sea of millions of other sites just like it, trying even harder to be visible.
Luckily, it’s not hard to make your business’ website a practical success. Here are three things that every business’ website needs:

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