Looking At How We Can Improve Overall Job Retention Rates In The United States

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Finding a job is on the mind of just about every soon to be or recent college graduate. Finding a job can be difficult, but the right job can secure you not only financially, but with everything from health insurance to dental insurance as well. For those who have children or spouses that don’t work, the need for a good job is only compounded, as up to two thirds of all people rely on their places of work to provide them with the insurance plans that they need.

So why, then, is just retention such a problem, as any and all executive search consultant services or human resource executive search firms can attest to? Why have Millennials become known as the job hopping generation, with up to sixty percent of all Millennials ready to accept a new and better job at any moment’s notice? Why, by the time that the end of the June of 2015 had rolled around, had more than two and a half million workers decided to voluntarily leave their jobs, jumping up in job loss rates by more than twenty

Millennials Have Been Dubbed The Job Hopping Generation What This Means For Today’s Hiring Process

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Today’s hiring process looks pretty different from the hiring process just 30 years ago.

You have recruiters actively checking prospective candidate’s social media to determine whether or not they’re a good fit. You have more employees than ever actively favoring either a partial or fully telecommuting position. Yes, it can seem like there are just too many changes to keep track of. This is where HR recruiters come in. Human resources are constantly keeping up with these changes for both worker and company, bridging the gap to ensure a match made in heaven is more than just a fluke. If you’ve considered the aid of an executive search consultant, but aren’t quite s

How to Find Highly Qualified CEO Candidates

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The CEO is one of the most, if not the most, important positions in a business. The CEO acts as a leader for all other employees, playing an important role in motivating, selecting, and analyzing other important positions. They also act as a financial consultant, public relations correspondence, and marketing planner. In many cases, the success of the entire business lies on the CEO. Some companies may even choose to replace their current CEO when a large scale problem damages the company?s success of reputation. With the role of the CEO being so important, how do you initially choose the best candidate for the position?

Expand your candidate search
Finding qualified CEO candidates locally may not only be difficult, but next to impossible. There may not be a