Behind The Importance Of The Data Center In The United States

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With the advent – and widespread usage – of technology here in the United States as well as in many other parts of the world, the use of the data center has become more prominent than ever before. After all, people rely on various technologies on a day to day basis, both in their personal lives as well as in their professional ones. With the spread of the data center, the possibilities of technology – and of digital storage – have become more vast than ever before in history.

However, the average data center must be well cared for, or a number of problems are likely to arise. From green cooling solutions to wondering how to increase server performance to methods of liquid cooling, there are many things to consider when it comes to maintaining a data center here in the United States. The first of those considerations should revolve – most likely – around total energy usage.

After all, the typical data center can use a lot of it, something that is not only far from cost effective, but potentially hugely detrimental to the environment and our planet. In fact, the consumption of energy by the typical data center (not just here but all around the world) is on the rise, due to the fact that data centers tend to run for twenty four hours a day, nowadays. All in all, the data centers throughout the world consume nearly five percent of all globally generated power, a truly staggering amount by just about any standards.

In addition to this, workers at any given data center should always be aware of the potential for equipment failure. Equipment failure, such as data center server malfunction, should be, of course, avoided at all costs – and can have truly devastating consequences for the data center in question. Fortunately, server meltdown can typically be avoided, as the majority of IT problems – up to sixty five percent of them, as a matter of fact, can be directly linked to a lack of proper maintenance over a considerable period of time. Keeping up to date on new technologies for management and server maintenance are hugely important as well, as any data center that doesn’t will be considered out of date by green computing standards after a mere seven years.

In many data centers all throughout the country, green cooling solutions are being put to use in the form of immersion cooling. There are many reasons for data centers to implement green cooling solutions and immersion cooling solutions (which are, more often than not, one in the same), as the rest of this article will take a look at and discuss. For instance, liquid immersion cooling is incredibly more cost effective than other forms of server maintenance, reducing costs by as much as twenty five percent – which, though it might not seem like all that high of an amount, will certainly add up over the course of time.

Because of this efficiency, the use of liquid immersion cooling is highly environmentally friendly and the data centers that put it into use are often very efficient, more efficient by far than data centers that do not. Even the electricity that is needed will be reduced quite significantly, with such data centers that have implemented green cooling methods like liquid immersion cooling only using around one percent of the energy of data centers that are still using more traditional methods of server cooling.

Liquid immersion cooling is also far more versatile than the more traditional forms of air cooling that was once seen far more frequently in data centers all throughout the country. In fact, the use of liquid immersion cooling instead of air cooling opens so many doors in terms of everything from the location that the data center can be located in to the overall cooling capacity that the data center can provide. Rack density is also very much improved, as is overall data center design, which can now become much more efficient than it has ever been before in the entire history of data centers here in the United States and beyond it as well.

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