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Engaging Tweets Drive Traffic and Earn Loyal Customers

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Twitter safety tips

Did you know that on June 25, 2009, the date of Michael Jackson’s death, there were 456 unique Tweets every second? At that time, less than 500 tweets per second set records. A study just months ago, in May 2013, reveals that the average number of tweets per second is now as high as 9,100. The jump, in just a few years, is incredible, and the figures make it more than clear. Twitter has marketers’ attention. How can marketers tap into Twitter’s resources to get more leads?

Post Tweets Again

With nearly 10,000 tweets per second, it is safe to say that Twitter users may miss a tweet here or there. One of the easiest Twitter tips is simply to simply to rehash important Tweets, or Tweets with especially valuable content. Marketing manager Janet Aronica recommends it, stating that it is also

There Will Be Six Billion Internet Users By 2022 Preparing Your Business With Endpoint Security Solutions

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Cybersecurity can seem unfathomable at times.

With Internet data only growing bigger by the day and recent estimates suggesting hundreds of new viruses created on the hour, using proper cybersecurity solutions can seem like a shot in the dark at best. This is where cybersecurity companies come in. Comprised of skilled technicians familiar with the stress security measures put on businesses today, they’re the proverbial barrier you need between malicious third parties and your success. They can save you money, provide you peace-of-mind and, most importantly, protect your data.

All businesses need endpoint security solutions. Here’s what to expect.

The Growth Of Cyber Crime

With every up there’s a down. While the growth of digital technology is a massive boon in our everyday lives, the development of cyber crime has o

Marketing Tips for Twitter

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Cute tweet ideas

Perhaps more than any other social media, Twitter, when combined with mobile technology, has brought the speed of online sharing to very nearly instantaneous speeds. But this revolution is not just relegated to breaking news and cat photos. The concept of social marketing is growing in popularity and usage. Here are just a few Twitter tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of this marketing game changer.

  • Keywords, If You Can. With the surge in search engine optimization as a major marketing strategy, it can make sense to try to incorporate search keywords into your tweets. This can sometimes be a challenge, given the 140 character limit, but can pay off huge in gaining visibility for your post. In fact, sometimes an awkward keyword might fit more easily into a tweet than int

How Architects Use Paper

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We are all interested in saving paper and minimizing the loss of our trees. There a lot of areas where it’s possible to minimize the use of paper, but there are some industries that would not be able to function without plenty of paper. Plotter paper, blueprint paper, bond paper rolls, and the ubiquitous 36 inch paper rolls are essential to the architectural engineer, for example.

How Do Architects Look at Paper?

Architects and engineers consider paper in terms of size and type, such as 36 inch paper rolls, but also in terms of tooth, brightness, quality, and type.

Paper Tooth

When an architect refers to “tooth” this is a description of how rough the surface is. The roughness of the surface will affect what kind of drawing materials can best be used on it.

Paper Brightness

The brightness of a piece of paper is a measurement of how much the paper reflects a specific wave

Make the Best Use of Twitter

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Free twitter secrets

Since making its debut in 2006, Twitter has grown to be quite a giant in the world of social networking. With hundreds of millions of visitors each month, the site has become a mecca of promotion for businesses, bloggers and people with something to say. Despite its relative simplicity, some people may find the social giant to be a bit intimidating. Thankfully, there are plenty of free Twitter tips out there for everyone.

Instead of finding ways to attract a ton of attention, some people may seek out free Twitter secrets that will help them maintain something of a low profile. A lot of people join Twitter in order to follow their favorite celebrities, podcasts, TV shows and news channels, and have no interested in amassing a lot of followers of their own.

One reason certain people may wish to maintain a

Become a Twitter Super Star With Twitter Secrets

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Twitter secrets

With Twitter becoming extremely popular, and a great way to network both personally and professionally, using Twitter tips to make your page more interesting is useful for anyone with an account. Twitter secrets really are not so secret if you do some research. Putting engaging content on your page, as well as knowing free twitter tips, will grant you more followers.

Some of the best Twitter secrets are the ones involving how to make your content engaging. If you are not internet famous it can be hard to keep people engaged in what you have to say. Staying unique and engaging is key. Talk about what is relevant to today, the latest events. Do not pump your twitter full of useless information that no one cares about, such as what you eat for lunch each day.

Another great one out of the Twitter secrets vaul

PoE Digital Clocks and Business Timeservers

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What is a power over Ethernet clock, or PoE digital clock, and why do you need one in your company?

  • Understand the importance of timekeeping to your business. In 2002 the IEEE standardized and defined Precision Protocol Time (PTP) for use in synchronizing clocks across a computer network. Since then, time on a computer server has been measured by “stratum,” which indicates on a scale of one to 15 how accurate the time is, with fifteen being the least accurate. There are several ways that having completely accurate digital and network timekeeping affects the modern business.
    1. Keeping accurate timesheets. Every day, the economy of America loses about $7.4 billion due to timesheets being filled out improperly. Even a few seconds of inaccuracy can really add up over time, but perfectly accurate timekeeping, synchronized over the entire network and every connected device, eliminates this problem.
    2. Syncing operations o

Need More Followers on Twitter? Here Is How!

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Free twitter secrets

Today, it seems as though everyone is on social media. There is a ton of competition, especially if you are trying to gain popularity for your business or company. There are some free Twitter tips to get you more followers!

Some free Twitter tips are more obvious than others. First, it is important to use a real photograph of yourself. It may only be a close up of half of your face, or you in a group of friends, but whatever you do, do not leave the photograph blank! People want to associate you as a real, living person, not as a blank default picture of a Twitter Egg!

Twitter secrets are pretty simple to implement. Create a genuine and honest profile, and add your website or blog to it. People will be more likely to follow you if they think you are real and relateable. It is pretty easy these days to

Hotel Properties Offer a Number of Rewards for Being a Loyal Customer

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Many travelers search out the best deals when it comes time to book a place to stay. In the hotel industry, however, properties hope to build client loyalty. By offering excellent customer service and various rewards, including technology in hotel rooms, hotel chains want to make sure their best customers only look one place, whether they are traveling for work or for leisure.
In addition to creating client loyalty, the best hotels also want to build employee loyalty. In fact, the latest hotel trends involve property management systems that provide easy ways for managers to communicate with workers, sharing with them the latest staff goals, as well as an positive comments that visitors share. Happy and committed employees are a significant resource to any hotel. From taking pride in their work to make sure that every room is perfectly prepared, to making su

Technology The Future Of The Hotel Industry

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Traveling is an exciting thing – and often a thing that is much needed not only for our mental health (as some time off of work is only healthy), but for broadening our horizons as well. Of the Baby Boomer generation, more than twenty five percent – more than a full quarter – had plans in the making to take some sort of domestic and multi generational trip. And three out of every four of travelers in the United States have plans in the works for a weekend trip (a weekend getaway) to relax on for this up and coming winter, though it is still a good many months away as of the current date.

If you are planning to travel or have traveled before in the past, it is likely that you know all that goes into planning a vacation or even just a weekend getaway. As hotel trends have kept track of, the place that people choose to stay while on a vacation is a particularly important component, with hotel trends showing that the average traveler will conduct nearly twenty research sessions (often onl