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There Will Be Six Billion Internet Users By 2022 Preparing Your Business With Endpoint Security Solutions

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Cybersecurity can seem unfathomable at times.

With Internet data only growing bigger by the day and recent estimates suggesting hundreds of new viruses created on the hour, using proper cybersecurity solutions can seem like a shot in the dark at best. This is where cybersecurity companies come in. Comprised of skilled technicians familiar with the stress security measures put on businesses today, they’re the proverbial barrier you need between malicious third parties and your success. They can save you money, provide you peace-of-mind and, most importantly, protect your data.

All businesses need endpoint security solutions. Here’s what to expect.

The Growth Of Cyber Crime

With every up there’s a down. While the growth of digital technology is a massive boon in our everyday lives, the development of cyber crime has o

Marketing Tips for Twitter

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Cute tweet ideas

Perhaps more than any other social media, Twitter, when combined with mobile technology, has brought the speed of online sharing to very nearly instantaneous speeds. But this revolution is not just relegated to breaking news and cat photos. The concept of social marketing is growing in popularity and usage. Here are just a few Twitter tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of this marketing game changer.

  • Keywords, If You Can. With the surge in search engine optimization as a major marketing strategy, it can make sense to try to incorporate search keywords into your tweets. This can sometimes be a challenge, given the 140 character limit, but can pay off huge in gaining visibility for your post. In fact, sometimes an awkward keyword might fit more easily into a tweet than int

How Architects Use Paper

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We are all interested in saving paper and minimizing the loss of our trees. There a lot of areas where it’s possible to minimize the use of paper, but there are some industries that would not be able to function without plenty of paper. Plotter paper, blueprint paper, bond paper rolls, and the ubiquitous 36 inch paper rolls are essential to the architectural engineer, for example.

How Do Architects Look at Paper?

Architects and engineers consider paper in terms of size and type, such as 36 inch paper rolls, but also in terms of tooth, brightness, quality, and type.

Paper Tooth

When an architect refers to “tooth” this is a description of how rough the surface is. The roughness of the surface will affect what kind of drawing materials can best be used on it.

Paper Brightness

The brightness of a piece of paper is a measurement of how much the paper reflects a specific wave