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PoE Digital Clocks and Business Timeservers

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What is a power over Ethernet clock, or PoE digital clock, and why do you need one in your company?

  • Understand the importance of timekeeping to your business. In 2002 the IEEE standardized and defined Precision Protocol Time (PTP) for use in synchronizing clocks across a computer network. Since then, time on a computer server has been measured by “stratum,” which indicates on a scale of one to 15 how accurate the time is, with fifteen being the least accurate. There are several ways that having completely accurate digital and network timekeeping affects the modern business.
    1. Keeping accurate timesheets. Every day, the economy of America loses about $7.4 billion due to timesheets being filled out improperly. Even a few seconds of inaccuracy can really add up over time, but perfectly accurate timekeeping, synchronized over the entire network and every connected device, eliminates this problem.
    2. Syncing operations o