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Four Important Parts of the PCB Process

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Prototype assembly

Engineering is an industry that requires a lot of specialized knowledge and experience in technology and mechanics. Engineers are tasked with many projects, with one of the most important being design. Designs are the bottom level process, before a useful and complex product is built. Think about your computer, mobile device, and even your vehicle. Engineers were a crucial part of the design of each of these products.

The lengthy design process
Before an engineering product ever begins, there is a long design process. This design process might include input and feedback from other professionals on the team, besides the engineers. Many of the introductory designs are made on paper or on a comprehensive computer program. The legend is not printed until all team members agree

How to Compete in a Job Hopping Generation

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Hr consultants

Current working trends are much different today than they were years ago. For example, more employees are switching jobs, more frequently. About 2.7 million workers voluntarily left their jobs at the end of June 2015, a 25% increase compared to two years ago. With so many employees constantly switching jobs and looking for better opportunities, it can make it more difficult to land a quality job. If you are in the market for an executive positive and find that you constantly have a wide range of competition, consider these job search tips.

Work with an outplacement consulting company

An outplacement consulting company works similar to a career placement agency, or a headhunter. These executive HR search firms are up to date on the latest executive positions. They know when an employee is