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Expected Technological Career Growth Over the Next Decade

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Marketing analytics

Over time, the existence and type of careers change. Many years ago, for example, the country relied on farming and manufacturer jobs. The big thing was the automotive industry and factory workers were needed to keep up with vehicle demands. Today, the trend is technology and its counterparts. The world has already seen an increase in technological career positions. The number of technology and data analytic positions will only increase from here.

Demographic reporting positions

Many sources of technology and location intelligence are used for demographic reporting. Demographic reporting is necessary in many situations. It is helpful in determining statistical data about a city, state, or the country. It is also used for marketing purposes. When businesses decide to expand their marke

Finding the Right Company to Handle Your Small Batch PCB Assembly

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Fast pcb prototype

Maybe you are someone who is looking to find a good company out there that can turn prototypes around for the least amount of money while still getting high quality. There are several quality companies out there, but you want to make sure that they are the right ones for you. Hard work, honesty, and a strong set of skills will serve you best. Finding that company might not be as difficult as you might think as long as you know just what it is you are looking for.

Small batch PCB assembly has continually been an industry that has stayed up on the latest technologies, developing many of them over the years. A quality company keeps its staff trained, its marketing updated, and its technology se

The Importance of Replacing Your USB Cables Reguarly

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Usb 3 cable

Most people recycle out their smart phones and other electronic devices every couple of years. In fact, many cellular phone plans provide their customers with a new cell phone every two years. Other electronic devices, like your TV, laptop, and tablets may decrease in speed over the years, requiring them to be replaced. Yet, many consumers do not replace the cables and cords that come with their devices enough. They continue to use the same cables with their new electronic devices, which can be both dangerous and costly over the long run.

Slower charging speeds

The biggest reason for replacing cell phones after a couple of years are the significant decrease in speed. It takes longer to connect to the internet and the touch screen slows down. Newer phones respond quicker to applications and things

Search Engine Optimization ServicesPart of the New Frontier

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Phoenix website design

Most people nowadays are taking full advantage of online websites when searching for a business or a service of any kind. As a matter of fact, statistics show that, of all searches for local information, 50% is done on a mobile device. The top two actions taken by people searching online are checking or sending emails, and performing searches for what they need.

Because it is estimated that 93% of every search performed online begins with one search engine or another, businesses, whether small or large, are wise to consult search engine optimization services for creative, innovative ideas for their websites. Content certainly is king, according to at least half of perspective clients who say that content is very effective when searching websites. There are a multitude of Continue Reading No Comments

Does Your Company Need Help Upgrading Its HR Services?

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Talent acquisition management

It seems like a strange time to be starting a new job, but you find yourself visiting with the same human relations (HR) person for the third time in two weeks. In fact, when the HR executive search consultant first called you your response was that you were planning to see how this whole election and the peaceful transfer of power worked out. You had a few investments that had been doing really well as the business world seemed to consider the effects of a Republican administration and you were not too anxious to make too many changes just yet.
By the second time the HR executive search consultant called you, however, you agreed to meet for lunch. And now, after just finishing the third meeting the Continue Reading No Comments