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Flexible Plastics, Smart Packaging, and the Growing Internet of Things

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Just about everywhere you go these days, in many countries across the globe, you are able to find access to the Internet. The technological and digital age that we are currently in continues to unfold new and exciting advancements at every turn, connecting people sitting next to each other or on the other side of the planet.

Not long ago, people were amazed as computers everywhere gave them this gift of connection. Not long after that came the age of the perfectly portable devices that condensed your laptop, camera, calculator, music player, phone and so much more into one device. And just as these smart phones are becoming truly widespread, we are beginning to see the next step of connectivity in the Internet of Things.

Advanced engineering design from the IoT to flexib

What’s The Difference Between CAT5 And HDMI Cables?

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It’s time to set up your home entertainment system or work station. But where do you start? It can be a real doozy trying to sort out all the different kinds of cables and Ethernet set-ups you need to get your designated area ready to go, from CAT5e crossover cables to bulk USB cables. Thankfully, variety is the spice of life. Rather than being a complicated cluster of terms and specifics, these cables give you the ability to truly customize your desk to the furthest reaches of your imagination. Below are the top five things you need to know before you get started, from differentiating between CAT5e crossover cables to keeping your technology well-maintained.

What Are The Dif

4 Cheap Ways to Market Your Business Online

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Online marketing is the new way to go for businesses. Well, relatively new. It’s been around for awhile but it is now almost phasing out offline marketing entirely. You might still see billboards and ads around town or receive a business card or flyer on your windshield but do you really pay attention? The truth is, people have become so technology focused that they don’t tend to study the world around them as much as they used. The Internet is everywhere now, so there’s no need to look around. If you are a business owner, then you need to come to terms with this fact. If you are not already, you need to be putting your brand and business name out there as much as possible on the Internet. Here are a few ways you can do that.

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Charging Up The Cell Phone Accessory Marketplace

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With increasing technological breakthroughs and advents in computer science, cell phones have grown in functionality, from mobile apps that burgeon in a competitive market to cell phone accessories that enable users to combine the tools and software of their smartphones with other devices.

A top online seller of cell phone accessories lists cables used to charge cell phones to ear buds as the most popular accessories, and the prices of accessories can range from single digits such as $7.99 from a glass screen protector to items with a much higher cost. Many of these accessories are easy to use and easy to lose. A cable that connects to a phone charger may get lost on a road trip or ear buds may become damaged with water.

Smartphones have a shelf life generally around two years and while new smar

4 Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Career in Cybersecurity

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We’re hearing a lot these days about the importance of cybersecurity and how it relates to our growth and relative power as a nation. Even when politicians fail to understand even the basic points of cybersecurity, they know that it’s vital to the way our nation is able to operate and stay safe. Those who are a bit more well-versed in the topic know that with ever-changing technologies and the growing popularity of the Internet of Things, it’s imperative that cybersecurity recruiters have access to trained professionals who are familiar with the newest developments in software, techniques, and threats to our security. Working w