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3 Beneficial Business Applications for VoIP Technology

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Hosted phone systems

Did you know that replacing a traditional telephone line with a VoIP phone system installation, you can save between 20 and 50% on monthly phone bills? Both the efficiency of VoIP technology bandwidth and lower costs make these types of communications networks more affordable for businesses. Additionally, VoIP business services can give you information sharing and storage capabilities that cannot be matched by an traditional communications service.

Here are three VoIP business services that are transformi

5 Reasons You Need to Back Up Your Data Right Now

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Voip phone solution companies

There are few things less fun than experiencing a computer crash and being unable to salvage any data from it. However, there is a solution that can prevent this problem from ever happening.
Although you’ve probably heard it a thousand times, it’s extremely important to back up your data as often as you can. If you’re still not convinced by the thousandth time, here are a few good reasons to back up your data today.
Destroyed Files Can’t Always Be Recovered
This isn’t as simple as pulling something out of the recycling bin on your computer. If a file is damaged and hasn’t been saved in a previous draft, you could end up losing it forever. It may not be wise to save absolutely everything, but the important things should always be backed up.
Your Laptop

Providing Customers With Exceptional Customer Service

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Virtual receptionist services

Have you ever called a customer service department with an issue about an order, only to receive an answering machine? Have you ever attempted to call a restaurant to place an order, only to be met with constant ringing? Have you ever Emailed a company, only to receive a generic message that the company is not manned by a live person? All of these situations are often met with frustration. It may affect your order, causing you to neglect it. You may choose not to return to do later business with the company. In today?s technological world, customers expect to have the ability to reach a live person, at all times of the day or night.

An estimated 78% of Americans surveyed say they have not followed through on an intended purchase due to a bad customer service experience. The reality is that

Creating Your Businesses Online Web Design

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Interactive web design

You are looking for a new restaurant to try. You have a specific location, but are open to suggestions, other than that. How do you find the perfect place? You probably log onto your desktop computer or pull out your mobile phone. You quickly type the type of restaurant you are interested in and the location into the search engine. You are provided with numerous options. You probably scan the first few on the first page and then click a few. You pay attention to the web design, how easy it is to navigate and the reviews. If the webpage does not provide you with clear menu and location information, you are likely to move onto the next search result.

This is how the internet has changed our decision making processes. We rely on the internet to make decisions such as which restaurants to visit, which

5 Digital Marketing Tips for Doctors

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Advantages and disadvantages of search engines

Marketing your medical practice can seem like a daunting task for many doctors. Some would prefer to forgo it altogether so that they can completely focus on helping their patients. However, neglecting to implement digital marketing techniques can leave your practice in the dust. Online marketing for doctors is not only important, but it can be easier than you think. Here are five tips to get you started in the world of digital marketing for your practice:

  1. Have a visually appealing, responsive website
    It’s imperative that your web design looks great and is easy