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5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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Advertising atlanta

It is no secret that America is addicted to social media. It seems that everyone from our grandparents to our dogs seems to have a social media account, whether it be the picture sharing Snapchat, the constant stream of thoughts that is Twitter, or photo journalist’s dreams in Instagram. And let’s not forget Facebook, a website where no relationship is official until it is ‘Facebook official’.

With the millions and billions of global users signing onto their social media accounts every day, an ad agency will get an enormous amount of exposure if they choose to advertise on a social media platform. Here are five benefits from of social media marketing and advertising.

1.You will get recognized

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The (Mostly) Non Destructive History of Industrial X-Ray Technology

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Industrial scanning

In the same way that CAT scans allow doctors to look inside the human body, industrial X-ray technology allows engineers to look inside objects. Sometimes known as industrial radiography, industrial X-rays allow quality engineers to examine objects for hidden flaws.
The History of Industrial X-ray Technology
In November 1895, German physics professor Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen discovered a new type of radiation, which he marked as “X” because it was previously unknown. Just two weeks later the field of radiography was born, when Rotgen took the first radiograph in history. The X-ray, as it would be called today, showed the s