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Are You Looking to Upgrade Your Financial Accounting Software?

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Hris system

ERP software, standing for enterprise resource planning software, has become one of the biggest types of technology in the business world today. Why? According to the most recently available statistics from UK Computing, over 51% of businesses using ERP solutions say that improved business analytics from the software has enabled their companies to make better decisions.

Arguably, one of the most beneficial types of ERP software is financial accounting software. As The Houston Chronicle writes, using ERP accounting software allows businesses to better track their inventory, employee timekeeping, and more. In other words, it greatly reduces the amount of stress on HR departments, while si

The Mobile Medical App Revolution

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Mobile charge capture

Like any other business, the medical field is continually looking at ways to use technology to their advantage. Businesses within the medical industry have far more security concerns though than the average company. If you are in the medical field, make sure to know how to communicate safely on your mobile medical applications.

One of the most important areas of development within mobile medical technology is providing HIPAA compliant communication between physicians. Many healthcare organizations have implemented secure text messaging systems within virtual private networks to facilitate secure communications between doctors and nurses. These secure mes