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Persuade Twitter Followers Using Handy Suggestions

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Many Twitter users grudge about the lack of response to their tweets on this social networking website. Nobody will eagerly look forward to your tweets unless you’re a famous film personality, sportsperson, politician, or a representative of something significant. You have to increase Twitter followers on your own and attract them to your tweets. Following are some suggestions to assist you in building up your followers.

Your Twitter account must have a photograph in order to create an impression that you are a real person other users seek to associate with and not a mindless robot.

Supply biographic data. Give a clear picture about you and your interest areas. Add a strikingly unconventional piece of private information.

Pay attention to the conversation. Devote some time to observing how individuals get involved on Twitter and what they show a response to. Steer clear of unimportant, boring chit-chat such as what you had taken in the breakfast or the locations you’re going to visit. Ward off any subject that concentrates on you.

Acquire knowledge of Twitter jargon. The most challenging aspect of this micro-blogging site is it has its own lingo. So, never send automatic direct messages (DMs) to people who follow you.

Look for prestigious individuals and leaders in your fields of interest. These people are the biggest source of learning for you. Embrace persons you are very passionate about.

Reply to other individuals’ questions. Extend a solution to fellow users when you possess knowledge to take the conversation forward. Try to offer helpful comments. Share tweets and message of other users via retweeting. You must make use of Twitter hashtags that allow you to widen the discussion.

Take part in Twitter chats. As soon as you have been involved in a Twitter chat, join individuals you exchange thoughts with by following them. Become a featured guest on a chat and draw all the attention during the conversation. One more alternative is to sponsor a chat on Twitter.

Always tweet blog entries you have made your comment on. This demonstrates you are a highly active member of this online social network.

A Few Twitter Tips Novices Should be Aware of

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Before jumping on the bandwagon of micro-blogging website – Twitter, novices should know certain things to make their stay on Twitter meaningful and enjoyable. Following are a few tips to take a glance at:

The first thing to learn is the different Twitter abbreviations and phrases. Some fundamental ones include RT, DM, hashtag, etc.

RT is the acronym for ‘retweet’ which signifies that a user shares a different user’s post using exactly the same words while crediting the actual tweeter. A retweet is normally done in the following format: RT@[username] succeeded by the tweet.

Moving on, DM denotes a direct message which comprises a maximum of 140 characters. It is sent to another particular user only and not to all those included in a user’s Twitter followers. A ‘DM fail’ implies direct messages that were thought to be personal were unexpectedly shared with all the Twitter followers of a user.

A hashtag is generated by applying the # special character before a word or phrase since Twitter defines that a hashtag is applied to differentiate keywords or topics within a tweet. It was initially devised by Twitter users as a method to assign messages to various categories.

Twitter allows you to share screenshots, images of an event, or any other type of still pictures and videos in tweets by embedding them as links. Third-party photo sharing applications like Twitpic can be used for this purpose.

Every character in a tweet is crucial in view of Twitter’s length restriction. Instead of tweeting cumbersome URLs that can eat up much of your 140 characters, truncate your URLs using a URL shortener ahead of tweeting them.

Try to keep your tweets short. Always consider the idea of leaving at least 20 characters unused in your tweet in order to make it more shareable, especially at the time of retweet that requires the addition of some additional characters.

In order to better organize the wide array of tweets coming from hundreds of Twitter followers, users can opt for Twitter Lists for greater benefits. You can make your own lists or follow lists created by other users.

Tips to Maintain Utmost Security While Using Twitter

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Do you have a Twitter account? This particular query has turned meaningless in the present context because having an account on Twitter is as prevalent as having an email account. Users can access the services of this social networking site from virtually any part of the world and through a vast multitude of devices.

Unlike other social networks where you’re not allowed to read bio information and status messages of other users unless you’re in their friends list, Twitter allows you to read tweets of all those you’re following, irrespective of whether or not they respond to your following. Consequently, Twitter users are very much exposed to security breaches online. Following are some tips to boost your safety on this micro-blogging website.

Be vigilant while tweeting. As each tweet can contain a maximum of 140 characters, people make use of tools to shorten the URLs. With truncated URLs, you’re, under usual conditions, absolutely unfamiliar with the websites that they will direct you to till you click on them. Therefore, it is vastly recommended to click on solely those links that are posted by recognized users or rely on a service that will bring out the true URL behind a truncated one.

Safeguard your Twitter password as well. Several Twitter applications that make your tweeting simpler and more exciting call for access to your account to fetch data. Before you really let any application to get into your account, carry out certain fundamental research regarding the application so as to ascertain your level of security. Make sure that you’re following a genuine individual or agency rather than a spammer since you won’t want to read junk or follow individuals who take you to harmful websites.

Do not disclose so much about yourself. Identity thieves are nowadays targeting social networking websites, including Twitter. So, the more details you provide to them, the more straightforward their task becomes. These hackers invade your account and then exploit the information available there to deceive your friends for sending money.

All these tips will help you keep your Twitter account safe and sound. Hence, enjoy tweeting without compromising your security at any cost.

Selecting a Twitter Name is No Child’s Play

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Selecting a name on Twitter is not a straightforward issue of choosing any name that strikes your mind first. As a matter of fact, you need to make this decision carefully. In the end, your screen name conveys Twitter followers a little about you and it occupies a reasonable amount of tweet space. Furthermore, numerous Twitter members make use of mobile phones, making it essential to be familiar with the impact that certain characters in your Twitter name might have on mobile phone users.

When you create an account on Twitter, there is the need to enter two names such as ‘name’ and ‘username.’ Generally, the username is shown as “@twittername” for all types of communication and used in your Twitter URL like

Opt for a short username on Twitter. Since the character limit for tweets is merely 140 characters and your Twitter username is part of this limitation, it must be as concise as possible. Many companies have dropped characters from their official names to comply with this limitation. For instance, the Twitter username of Discovery Channel is just Discovery.

Steer clear of underscores in Twitter usernames. At the time of signing up on Twitter, it is not possible to append punctuation symbols such as periods and dollar. It is also not viable to incorporate spaces to your username. Nevertheless, one alternative that is obtainable is the underscore. Although it might be enticing to add the underscore for separating two words, keep away from that enticement and stick with simple TwitterName only. This not only saves a valuable character, but it also assists mobile phone users who might face difficulty in locating the underscore sign on numerical keypads.

It would be great if you can use your own name as Twitter username. This helps to create a personal brand identity. All the same, if your name is too common and no more available, then you should go for an unforgettable and explanatory username.