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The Potential Impact of Twitter as a Social Media Tool

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When the term “social media” is used, it generally refers to all those websites and web-based applications that facilitate social networking. The list of social media websites is getting longer with the each passing day. However, Twitter is one site that has set new benchmarks for social networking by bringing in newfangled features, not known before its inception. Businesses, especially those limited in size, benefit a lot using Twitter as a principal social media tool. The impact of this micro-blogging site is profound and attributed to the following:

Although some kind of conversation takes places on blogs, Facebook, or any other social media websites, the conversion on Twitter happens to be much wider, which is not achieved on any other platform. It is basically one-to-many communication with blogs or one-to-one communication with Facebook. However, the scenario is completely different on Twitter where you can find oodles of conversations going on simultaneously and you can effortlessly join one or create a new one to be quickly joined by others in large numbers. Hence, there is absolute liberty in conversation on Twitter.

Twitter is a grand platform to promote your social bookmarking posts. Every moment, plenty of users can be seen here seeking help in the form of votes for their submissions at Digg, StumbleUpon, or others. Using Twitter, you can get a clear idea of what sites different users are using, and who are going to respond when you seek votes and you can make your own little contribution by voting for their submissions as well.

It is no secret that you can send a tweet adding a link to your most recent blog entry. According to lots of Twitter users, tweets are much more effective than RSS feeds to find high-quality content. That’s not all! You can also use Twitter to collect some fabulous blog topics. Just look around for other posts and try to elaborate them further, obtain ideas from your conversation with other fellow users, and explore new authors to add them to your reader feed.

Twitter has a lot to offer than just sending out text. It can really empower small business owners in the form of a free promotional tool that has across-the-board impact.

Twitter Will Go a Long Way In Helping Your Business Target The Right Type Of Audience

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In the world of internet, one of the most successful trends in recent times ought to be Twitter. It is essentially a micro blogging web portal wherein one can send and read small messages (140 characters to be precise), which are known as tweets. This is an entirely free web social marketing web site which has great potential and can help you in more ways than one.

The limitation of tweets to 140 characters do not render them less powerful as one can integrate text, links, images, videos and almost anything and can use a link shortener to shorten the link and send it to his/ her followers.

Oh wait! You do not understand the term followers. Actually in twitter, you follow people and people follow you. The people who follow you are known as followers. And the people whom you follow is tagged under a link following. Because of it’s to the point nature, twitter is widely renowned to be a hassle free and effective social networking medium.

It should not come to you as a surprise if you find a large chunk of the populaces from all across the globe hooked to twitter. It is admissive that twitter is very much addictive. Yet another major benefit of twitter is that you can directly access twitter from the world wide web or can use third party applications such as tweet deck (desktop application), echofone and chromed bird (browser embedded), and can even tweet through SMS.

If you haven’t yet joined the bandwagon, it is high time you do so. There are various features embedded in the twitter which will go a long way in helping your business target the right type of audience. It is also imperative to know that twitter has come up with a newer version which is pretty more flexible than the older version.

Major search engine like Google indexes tweets fast and one can hope to feature in real time search results if he/ she is active in the twitter. This powerful platform has far fledged consequences whose magnitude and depth can only be understood, if only you plunge into it and actively use it to its max potential.

The Number of Tweets Everyday Touching the 200 Million Mark

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With the passing of June 2011, the number of tweets on Twitter has reached the staggering 200 million a day. If we’ll take into account Twitter’s growth rate in previous years, the number of tweets sent by users per day in January 2009 stood at 2 million, while the same number was 65 million a year ago (courtesy: Twitter blog).

For a clearer point of view, the amount of tweets produced by the entire world in a single day can be equated with a 10 million-page book. Reading such voluminous text would consume over 31 years. Thus, these interesting figures speak volume of the matchless popularity of Twitter among people, irrespective of their age, gender, profession, social status and so on. This micro blogging site is indeed a trendsetter in the web world.

Two hundred tweets a day means one billion tweets are sent by users every five days. What do these tweets contain? They contain everything relating to every subject you can imagine, ranging from the happenings in the field of science, health and education to politics, sports, fashion, and showbiz industry. Using Twitter can help people reunify with their kith and kin, create social awareness on burning issues, discover newly launched boutiques in your vicinity, or generate potential customers for your business through effective promotion; so such is the impact of Twitter on our day-to-day lives nowadays.

Trending topics on Twitter usually signify the most referred words or phrases being posted by users over a specific time period. Though these may be controversial, this can prove to be an excellent way to notice which topics are hot and the listing is frequently regarded as a preface to what the majority of print and electronic media will be covering. And, some of the trending topics for the first six months of 2011 are AH1N1 (Swine Flu), Cairo, Mubarak, #payforjapan, Fukushima, William & Kate, Gadafi, Rebecca Black, Charlie Sheen, Tom & Jerry, etc.

Twitter’s 200 million tweets a day will soon become history as the figure will certainly be overhauled in the coming years, thanks to the thumping march of Twitter.

Twitter Viral Marketing Explained for Better Understanding

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As oodles of brand names find it hard to master Twitter viral marketing, you might naturally think that it is absolutely impractical. However, that is not the true picture. You need not go too far to discover quite a few instances where Twitter viral marketing has brought a radical transformation in a specific business. Simply by performing certain things properly, your online business can be noticeable among millions of individuals in a flash and you can subsequently keep doing these marketing techniques that are unbelievably powerful.

In order to be shared all over Twitter to a feasible extent, your tweets must be simple to retweet. Try to keep them brief and uncomplicated along with the link to your intended content reduced to a sensible length. It would be excellent if you make the tweet a little rib-tickling. However, the most essential thing is that the content you are attempting to share is of the highest quality and is viral by nature. Whether it is a hilarious video, a stunning piece of article, or an incredible fact, make certain that your link directs to something that people would enthusiastically like to share.

As soon as you’ve achieved that, it might be worth considering a trending topic to tweet. Check if some topics are already trending on Twitter, which are connected with your link. This is an excellent idea for Twitter viral marketing since the likelihood of users finding your tweet increases if it can be noticed through a trending theme.

After adding the topic in trend to your tweet, you can actively request fellow users to retweet it so as to keep pushing it forward. It all depends on you to imagine whether sufficient people will do it in the beginning and decide whether it is meaningful.

If you conform to these easy steps, you will immediately discover the majority of your content getting amazingly popular via the powerful Twitter viral marketing. Instead of committing yourself to daylong business promotion using mindless techniques, do viral marketing on Twitter for a few hours for more noteworthy results.

The Specialty of Twitter Lies in Its Distinguishing Character Limit

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Since its launching on July 2006, Twitter has brought radical changes in the world of Internet. It has now more than 200 million users, comprising people from all walks of life. However, celebrities have contributed immensely to its overwhelming popularity and the expansion of its network.

This microblogging social network is currently used as a powerful promotional tool to publicize your business or website. One of the major things that make Twitter the most sought after is its character limit, which is fixed at 140 characters. This signifies that each and every post of the user can’t surpass 140 characters, including letters, numbers, and symbols. Even spaces are counted as characters. Though some people may consider it an impediment to writing their tweets, this character limit definitely has a reason behind it.

The 140-character limit forces users to explore diverse means of expressing their ideas, thereby enhancing their editing and writing abilities. It also gives a boost their lexicon since they make use of shorter and unusual words to contract what they would generally state in many more words to accomplish the same outcome.

One more thing to look at regarding the Twitter character limit is that the same restriction is applicable to all diverse languages. Twitter is not solely operated in the USA and this is a global website; however, other languages can make better use of the same character limit and convey their views more effectively. A burning example is the Chinese language. So, it is worth considering that how Twitter is utilized by other languages and cultures.

The character limit is what distinguishes Twitter from other social networking websites and gives it its present status. Certainly, there might be instants when you may find yourself in a tricky situation and utterly necessitate a small number of more characters, but in case you extend the Twitter character limit like certain individuals have campaigned for, it will begin to lose its identity and the very feature that makes it exceptional.